Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Edcucator Writer,Choreographer, Producer,Actor
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Jose Figueroa’s 15+ years in Chinese martial arts includes unrivaled success as America’s premier internal Chinese martial arts competitor. He has won numerous grand championships and first place titles at every major Chinese martial arts tournament in the United States. As a national champion, he traveled to China with Master Ren in 1998 to train in Chen village and compete in the International Taiji Competition held in Wenxian, Henan, China.

With a BS in Physical Education, Mr. Figueroa has designed innovative physical education curricula based solely on Chinese martial arts for the aged, at-risk youth, and physically challenged youth. He has taught a variety of classes for the Board of Education, Wavehill community, and the Equinox health club in New York. Currently, Mr. Figueroa writes on the action film and theater business as an entertainment correspondent for Kung Fu/Qigong magazine As a writer ,Mr. Figueroa has been a contributing writer for Wu Shu Kung Fu, World of Martial Arts, Qi: The Journal of Traditional Eastern Health & Fitness, Inside Kung Fu, and many other magazines devoted the health sciences.

Jose founded the Tai Chi Holistic Network in 1992 utilizing various forms of Chinese Wushu (martial art) exercise and treatments for health. He has been a Tai Chi Consultant at the Veterans Affairs Hospital's Psychiatric Department where he has applied Chen style Taijiquan for Post Traumatic Stress disorder patients, drug & alcohol dependents, and patients with spinal cord injuries, Worked with the national hemophilia foundation. He’s a core faculty member of the Omega institute of holistic studies along with many other health institutions.

In recent years, under mentoring by Mr. Stephan Berwick ,Who’s claim to fame include being along side fame Hong Kong star Donnie Yen choreographer of “Highlander end game” and “Blade 2” Mr Berwick was one of the early pioneers of Hong Kong films, under director Yuen woo ping , Who choreographed the “Matrix” & “Crouching tiger hidden dragon”. Though his association with Mr. Berwick ,Mr. Figueroa has emerged as one of New York’s favored theater choreographers, for his pioneering work with jazz playwright, Fred Ho. Together they have co.written an instructional tai chi book series through tuttle publications to be released in 2005. Titles include, “Taijiquan 38 forms and application” “Tai chi for kids” and “Tai chi basics”.